Local 139
Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU)

Ministry of Transportation (MTO) - Sarnia Commercial Vehicle Inspection Facility (CVIF)

HWY 402 near Front St N
HWY 402 near Christina St N
HWY 402 near Indian Rd. S
HWY 402 near Modeland Rd
HWY 402 near Blackwell Sideroad
HWY 402 near Airport Rd
HWY 402 near Jackson Rd
HWY 402 near Brigden Rd
HWY 402 near Waterworks Sideroad
HWY 402 near Mandaumin Rd
I-94 at Toll-Bridge to Canada
I-94 at Water Street
I-94 at I-69

Highway 402Images provided by: 

                   USA Highway Cameras - Courtesy of Michigan Department of Transportation

Camera view automatically changes every three seconds.

Disclaimer: OPSEU 139 is not liable for the reliability or availability of these cameras.